Susan Ayers
Susan Ayers

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Susan is a business analyst specialising in GIS. Her practical skills enable her to “get under the skin” of business problems, while 20 years in GIS and IT enable her to understand the aspirations and the limitations of the technology. Putting these skills together she can act as a bridge builder between IT and business professionals. Good business analysis requires attention to detail, but Susan also maintains the strategic view, focusing on business benefits. She is a team player – working with others to meet the strategic project objectives.

Susan has worked extensively in the public sector; as the business analyst on a team gathering requirements for one of government’s largest IT outsourcing contracts; preparing recommendations for a national addressing strategy; defining an MOD GI standard; and preparing far too much PRINCE documentation. In the private sector she has worked with gas, water, telecoms and electricity utilities in procurement and in project delivery. She is familiar with formal methodologies such as UML, but always works within the customers’ policies and standards.