Know Edge Ltd
A Virtual Company of Independent Consultants

Know Edge Ltd Profile

We are a team of robustly independent consultants who support customers in:

  • formulating information strategies
  • understanding their business needs for location enablement
  • procuring solutions
  • project managing their implementations

We are constantly engaged in leading edge, location enabling, projects world-wide providing us with exposure to the latest thinking and solutions. This ensures lessons learned are carried through to other projects.

We do not directly sell or recommend specific Information System solutions.

Company profile: Company Profile PDF

A Virtual Company

Know Edge Ltd is a virtual company of consultants with the dynamic combination of skills required for location enabling projects.

Virtual Company

Our consultants specialise in management consulting, information policy, programme management, business change management, computer science, e-commerce, web information services, geomatics, GIS, LBS, landscape architecture, economics, utility management and capacity building.

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