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These papers, presented at refereed conferences, have been written by members of Know Edge Ltd in conjunction with customers and partners.

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Papers and Presentations (PDF format)

This paper explores the role of ‘urban sensing’ to support the creation of a public infrastructure, a ‘data commons,’ that will allow the citizen to increasingly participate in politics, civics (including land administration and management), aesthetics and science.
This paper explores the opportunities provided by increasingly ubiquitous mobile phones to support the delivery of and participation in land administration services.
This paper proposes an approach to designing and implementing crowdsourcing initiatives and explores the range of decisions made in introducing radical change into a very conservative land sector and ensuring that citizens accept this opportunity of empowerment.
This paper reviews how the geospatial information landscape is being transformed by a series of disruptive drivers of change and details the responses expected from the public sector, private sector and the citizen to provide geospatial data to support this location revolution.
This paper explores one potential solution to the security of land tenure gap: ‘crowdsourcing’. Crowdsourcing is currently used to support scientific evidence gathering and record events, for example in disaster management. These applications are emerging because society is increasingly spatially enabled. Establishing such a partnership between land professionals and citizens would encourage and support citizens to involve themselves in directly capturing and maintaining information about their land rights.
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