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Land Administration

It would be hard to imagine a society without property rights as a basic driver for development and economic growth. Land and property is not only an economic asset; secure property rights provide a sense of identity and belonging that goes far beyond and underpins the values of democracy and human freedom.

In a world where over half the population live in urban areas, the effective management of land through robust Land Administration functions are fundamental to support sustainable development. Our world-wide customers include:

Republic of Philippines
Contract with UN Food and Agriculture Organisation to analyse requirements for a computerised land records system.
Land Registry, Isle of Man
Design of the Land Registration System for the island and support in the procurement of a Computerised Land Registration System, including benchmark design and evaluation.
Land Registration & Cadastre, Hungary
Technical advisors to the Government of Hungary during the land reform process in the 1990’s and led a team of 20 consultants to manage the computerisation of a new Cadastral and Land Registration Computerisation System.
Republic of Slovakia
Supported the Ordnance Survey in designing a new Cadastral and Land Registration System to support land reform under EU PHARE programme.
Ministry of Lands, Republic of Kenya
Support of the implementation planning of Kenya’s new Land Policy and associated Land Information Management System (LIMS) over the initial two year transition period.
Land Information Systems

The Know Edge Consortium specialises in providing expertise in National Land Information Systems (LIS); providing strategic guidance, supporting procurement of LIS solutions and managing their implementation in support of security of tenure and an efficient land market. This includes the management of information on formal, informal and indigenous rights to land.

We have also been
contracted to evaluate the
effectiveness of Land Administration interventions through aid provided by the EU and the Swiss Government.

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